"4 out of 5 young women in Spain have suffered street harassment." 
With this prompt, we started developing Sagu. It is an initiative to fight street harassment by creating a community of users who share the same values ​​of trust, altruism, and safety on the streets.

Sagu is a system between a keychain device and an app. 
When you start the route, your path is tracked through GPS, and in case of an incident, it is not necessary to take out your mobile. It has three types of alarms that are activated according to the number of times you have pushed the button. Depending on the degree of alarm, the color and intensity of the notification to the closest users vary.
The app includes the following functions: 
 First of all, the profile, which will remain anonymous on the map and in route mode. Incidents are saved to inform other users, to create your own history and one of the specific areas. On the map, the location of the users is marked, as well as the incidents and Sagus' collaborators. These are establishments like hotels and shops that are safe spaces that will know how to act in certain situations. Last but not least, the platform will include a guide section on how to act, a forum and support contacts.
sagu - let's not feel alone on the streets.
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