Interactive installation (2018) in collaboration with Simon. The result was a huge success, with an average of 700 visitors per hour.

11 Students, 6 Nationalities, 3600kg of Salt, 4000kg of Gravel, 18 decoders, 

500mt of cables, 75mt RGB led stripes, 1 lightning controller Scena

The old factory, located in Poblenou, Barcelona, was back in the spotlight for a couple of nights. Our concept was related to the energy that we all carry inside, and that is then transmitted to the facade. It was made possible through sensors located in the circles of light.
The more visitors, the more windows turned on, enhancing the whole building. The floor was completely covered with salt, reinforcing the idea of electric conductivity.
4 - 7 - 8
Interactive installation (2021) made by four alumni of IED Barcelona.

Metal structure, PVC and LED stripes.

'4-7-8' is a structure that connects the mind with the body through a play of lights synchronized with the mindfulness breathing exercise: 4 seconds to inspire, 7 to hold the breath, and 8 to breath out. A space for relaxation at the Parc Central del Poblenou.

The yellow color marks the start of the 4 seconds to breathe in. When it turns into deep red the 7 seconds of holding your breath begin, and the pink/blue phase is as long as the breathing out part of the exercise. Repeat it as many times as you need!

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