Nu - Cycle is a circular filtration system that works with the natural elements of water and air, based on the hydrologic cycle in a compact passive unit. The proposed innovative filtration system can be incorporated into the existing kitchen exhaust treatment solutions.
The interaction with Nu is simple. The vent which is also a switch when pressed gently poops up turning on the filtration system. To control the air suction intensity the user just has to rotate the switch clockwise. And to turn it back off just push the vent down again. This part of the system can be screwed off for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
The system combines a venturi scrubber system and a hydro vortex tunnel separator, which cleans the air from cooking fumes, such as oily steam, airborne grease, combustion products, and smoke. In our system the steam created while cooking flows through a water filtration system and then circulates back as odour-free and moisture-balanced clean breathable air.
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