Nuvo was born during the first edition of the Hackathon #HackTheHospital I 5G Transatlantic Lab, on May 21st, 2021, with the goal of implementing 5G and other emerging technologies in children’s hospitals. Specifically the Barcelona Children's Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and de Boston Children's Hospital. 
The project was developed by a multidisciplinary and international group of young creatives based in Barcelona and New York, and was placed as one of the finalists of this Hackathon.
Currently, my team and I continue developing Nuvo to fully explore its potential, expanding its purpose to reach a wider audience.
The pandemic made the world realize the relevance of physical and mental health. The rapid increase in anxiety and the complex logistics behind finding spaces to relax were clear indicators of a shifting perspective. Within a broad spectrum of causes, we identified one: people are not sleeping well. Sleep deprivation can worsen anxiety, spurring a negative cycle involving insomnia and anxiety disorders.
Nuvo is a sleep assistant that combines AI, generative music, and biometric tracking to create personalized soundscapes for users. It is a system that relies on a music therapy principle known as “The ISO Principle”. The algorithm detects the current BPM of the user and matches the tempo of the piece to then gradually shift the user to their desired state. Other musical elements such as timbre, melodic patterns, tonality, and many more are defined by the preferences of the user. Nuvo is constantly filtering the incoming data from a wearable to determine amplitude changes, musical and synthesis modulations, and to examine the effectiveness of the current soundscape and the user’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.
It is a simple system consisting of a smart mat made out of acoustic foam and embroidered speakers, a wearable biometrics tracker, and a phone application that constructs and emits the soundscape. The application can be used with either the mat or a pair of headphones.
Multidisciplinary Hackathon concerning Climate Change in Barcelona. Organized by Accenture, ESADE, IED Barcelona, UPC, and Bacardi.
My team and I developed the project "Door to Door" and won the prize of Best Technical Solution. 
More than 300.000 people commute to work by private vehicles every day. Each year, each one of them generates over 396.000g of CO2 in the atmosphere. Most of them decide to drive to work because public transport is usually too crowded, they value their time, privacy and comfort. 
Door to Door is a premium shuttle service that creates a network between companies and employees. 
"Design competition organised by Roca, which takes place every year in different cities around the world. The challenge is to create original and innovative products related to the bathroom and kitchen space, within a 9-hour time limit. 
James - Project of 2021
LUM - Project of 2018
AQ3 - Projecto of 2017
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